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Otterbox Commuter Case for the Motorola Droid

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Otterbox Commuter Justification for the Motorola Droid

  • Slick, vastly shielding justification for the Motorola Droid smartphone
  • Combines rugged elements starting the Defender Run with the watery silicone skin starting the Impact Run
  • Smooth outer layer allows justification to slide easily into your pocket or tighten
  • Exposed silicone corners dissipate impact away starting your device with added bump and shock protection
  • Backed by 1-time warranty; not veteran or not compulsory for water protection

Otterbox Mot4-Droid-20-C5Otr_A Motorola Droid Commuter CaseWith a silicone layer and hard polycarbonate exterior, the OtterBox Commuter Run justification for the Motorola Droid smartphone offers the best of OtterBox shielding hand baggage. It blends elements starting the rugged Defender Run outline with the silicone, skin-like Impact Run outline to make a slick justification calculated for stylish, lightweight travel. The exposed silicone corners dissipate impact away starting the device for additional bump and shoc

Rating: (out of 147 reviews)

Catalog Price: $ 34.95

Price: Too low to show

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  1. #1 by Brett M. Schooley - September 28th, 2010 at 23:04

    Review by Brett M. Schooley for Otterbox Commuter Justification for the Motorola Droid
    I just changed the justification on my droid starting the Seidio Innocase to the otter box. The Seidio justification is a fantastic justification. Fits of laughter well and feels fantastic in your hands. Its made out of a non slip plastic that is really nice. I had no complaints with it, but I wanted to get something that existing a bit extra protection. So I got the otter box and I am not disappointed!

    The otter box has two main differences over the Seidio justification. Initially, it has a rubber lining enclosed by plastic for the main justification. The rubber cradles the buzz and is exposed on the sides which should provide extra impact cushining. The top pocket in is very similar to the Seidio justification and probably offers the same protection as the Seidio justification.

    Secondly, it has plugs for the charging and ear hone jacks. This is fantastic since I care for my buzz in my pocket and dust gets it the ports. It also has rubber buttons that go over the number, camera, and unlock buttons as long as some protection and extra much, building it simpler to use the buttons! The seidio justification blocks the buttons a bit.

    The only negative to the otter box is that it does not have the same non slip believe to it as the Seidio and is a tad bulkier.

    So the bottom outline is that if you are looking for the most protection, go for the otter box. If not the Seidio justification is cheaper and feels surpass and does offer some protection.

  2. #2 by fathom5 - September 28th, 2010 at 23:24

    Review by fathom5 for Otterbox Commuter Justification for the Motorola Droid
    I got my Otterbox continue Wednesday and have had it on my buzz for in this area a week now…

    Honestly, this is the best cell buzz justification I’ve ever seen, or owned for that theme. The fit and end are perfect, very snug and very reliable. The rounded corners and the high feature materials used in construction yield the buzz a fantastic ‘refined’ believe, very solid. The power/sleep, number and camera buttons all outline up impeccably and make them much simpler to use, especially the power/sleep. The enclosed ports are lined up dead on as well and do a fantastic job of keeping dust and dirt out. The slider facility flawlessly and is not stalled at all by the justification… It slides commence smooth and clicks in trade into house impeccably. Both the top and bottom pieces fit snug and reliable; no issues at all with either upset loose or coming off. Both believe like an integrated part of the buzz.

    In effect, I like this justification… vastly not compulsory.

  3. #3 by RickyWade - September 29th, 2010 at 00:03

    Review by RickyWade for Otterbox Commuter Justification for the Motorola Droid
    When I initially bought my droid, I needed a justification and the only justification they had in the Verizon store was the BODY GLOVE. It was a terrible justification. Made my buzz believe flimsy but it was really the justification that was tender around whenever I would slide commence the upright.

    I just got the Otterbox, and it is AWESOME. It is really sleek so my buzz doesn’t believe as bulky like it did with the ancient justification. I loved that it CAME with a Cover Protector. It went on really smoothly and there aren’t any foam in the cover. I also like that the Otterbox has rubber coverings for the earphone jack and charger jack because I find they can get really gunked up with dust and such. I also like the Rubber parts that are for the buttons on the outside of the buzz– Number, Camera, and Power. I had a hard time getting to these buttons before, but with the rubber pocket in, they are really accessible.

    By and large, this justification is FANTASTIC. It fits of laughter so well, it doesn’t flush seem like there’s a justification on it. I would urge it to all.

  4. #4 by Andres Cordon - September 29th, 2010 at 00:14

    Review by Andres Row for Otterbox Commuter Justification for the Motorola Droid
    Mind Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R11MXS5XWH7VFR UPDATE (correction):

    “”"Nit pick of the litter – not inches in measurement,but centimeters.”"” … sorry, I said “inches” instead of “centimeters”. Thankfulness J. Spiegel.

    First review:

    This a very excellent justification for your Droid/Milestone, it fits of laughter perfect, its a simple snap on justification that wont chop off. The inner justification has a rubber layer that wont scrape or waste away your buzz end. The slider moves freely and you flush get a surpass hold of the buzz.

    You will get an extra cover protector, microfiber tissue and an installation card. The lower part has rubber seals (pulgs) for the mic fissure and charger port, the on/off, camera and number buttons also have rubber buttons which make it simpler to press them.

    Check my video, it will trade show you step by step the installation thru the closing result.

    My only nag is in this area it grabbing lint when you place it in your jeans pocket (rubber parts), otherwize it would have been a 5 stars to me.

    I hope this video will be helpfull to you!

  5. #5 by Michael Norman - September 29th, 2010 at 00:50

    Review by Michael Norman for Otterbox Commuter Justification for the Motorola Droid
    The fiscal help of this buzz pocket in is brilliant. I like it’s smooth end and shielding pocket in. The mug plate but is a COMPLETE FAIL! I had to send in trade the initially one because it wouldn’t pause on the buzz. It modest spinging off each 10 seconds. They did offer a perfect exchange reasonably rapidly and the new mug pocket in fit much surpass…for a week or so. Now I am having the same come forth. It simply will not pause on the buzz to keep my go. Perfect not make the grade and waste of cash.

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