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Android 2.2 – Official Droid 2.2 Update – Overview – With Flash

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Android 2.2 – Authoritative Droid 2.2 Update – Overview – Enthusiasm Built-in

Android 2.2 for Droid Phones is called FroYo – small for Frozen Yogurt.

This video will help you know what happened if you just received your Droid 2.2 or Android 2.2 operating logic on your Droid Buzz, or it can be a handy overview to help you get around on your Buzz running the Android Operating logic.

Here’s a catalog of some updated equipment we will pocket in in this droid tutorial video:
Application Launcher
5 Family Screens
Contemporary Apps Cover
Google Search
Android Promote
Camera App
Gmail Interface changes
Call Log improvements

Plus to a fantastic degree top out stuff regarding…
The Gallery App
The Car / Family App
Application Settings and SD cards
Tethering with USB & WiFi
Cover Lock options And
Adobe Enthusiasm

Android 2.2, What does it mean?

This video will attempt to pocket in the extra visible changes and will not get into the very nerdy stuff in this area any augmented capacity or alacrity of the buzz.

unpleasantly be showing you what Android 2.2 looks like on the first Motorola Droid Buzz, so your buzz might preview or act a bit differently.

So, let’s go…

Application Launcher
Down on the bottom of your family cover you will see a new launcher area. It includes 3 items, A Buzz Dialer icon, The App Launcher (that’s the icon with a bunch of small squares), and a Web Browser icon.

Here’s a quick overview on how the app launcher facility…
Press the squares in the midpoint of the launcher area on the bottom and up pops the apps that are installed on your buzz… just to help you get around, they’re alphabetized. Scroll up or down to see extra of them. Press the Family Icon on the bottom to restore to your family cover.

Family Screens
You now have 5 family screens – that’s right 5. You can get starting cover to cover loads of different ways. Press on the small dots on the bottom, just to the feature of the launcher area, and it moves you one cover at a time in that direction.

When I’m all the way to the left-most cover you can see that there are 4 dots on the right now. I can get to those screens by critical those dots. If I do 3 quick presses on those dots, unpleasantly step over three screens promptly.

If I long-press on any of the dots or in the midpoint launcher area, up pops a mini-show of all 5 family screens. Press on a cover image and you are there straight away.

Contemporary Apps cover
When you long press on your Family key (that’s on the very bottom), you see a pop-up cover that shows you the apps or widgets you have been just using called the “Contemporary” cover.

In the earlier cycle, it only showed 6 items, now it shows the continue 8. Press on an app or widget showed here to promptly jump starting one to the additional. No call for to restore to the family cover and hunt for an app or widget, just long press the family key and jump to the at that time one right here. Multi-tasking at its best!

Google Search Changes
The Google Search Widget now lets you shape everywhere you want your search to happen. Press on the Google “G” and you can search ALL locations, search on the Web, search through Apps that are on your buzz — or hit the right arrow up top to go to the promote, and search through all the contacts on your buzz the normal way — or press this arrow up top here and see your contacts on your buzz in a different way.

Android Promote
The huge change for non buzz-geeks in the Promote is the detail that you can caution your apps to Involuntarily Update. That way they don’t care for divulging you that there is an update, please go get it — it just updates for you, involuntarily.

In the earlier cycle you had an update notification trade show up in the top notification bar,
you chose it and at that time you may maybe see the apps that needed updating – you had to do this update thing one app at a time.

Now you can top out “Update All” or surpass yet, brilliant an individual app, and at that time brilliant “Allocate Automatic Updating” up top. The continue step is to press “update” on the bottom and it will bug you no extra! That app will just involuntarily update when it wants to.

Camera App changes
A few equipment have changed with the camera, but to a fantastic degree focus on the camera’s options or settings… they are now publicized as modest overlay icons on the bottom or the right feature.

Your ancient camera options are all there in detail there are flush some new ones… Here’s a Huge Camera Tip though, when you press the right-most or top-most camera background icon, don’t not dredge up to scroll down surrounded by of it to see all the hidden options.

Here’s an extra camera bonus. When you’re in video mode, you can now curve on your enthusiasm and use it like a tinge light for low light situations – battery drain here we come! By the way we have some handy tutorial videos we made to help you regain some battery go, so go ahead and mind ‘em. We made ‘em for you!

Gmail Interface Changes
When you read an email in gmail, you can easily jump to the at that time or before email using the clean new buttons on the bottom, or brilliant “Archive” or “Rub out” for the thought you are currently reading lacking having to go to your menu options initially. Nice time saver if you have lots of emails.

Call Log improvements
When you call or get calls on your buzz and at that time you preview at your call log, you can now see extra of the calls on the catalog because calls starting a single digit, that happen on a single day, are grouped collectively taking up less space by and large. You can enlarge or contract the listing of those numbers by critical the icon on the left feature.

All of our videos naturally has a UseMyDroid Power Tip, but because there is so much to pocket in, we’re just going to go nearer now…

Gallery App Changes
Check out the items in albums mode, at that time do a zoom motion… pretty cool

The Car / Family App has changed
This app looks very different now, expect extra in the possibility, and by the way, you have to use the Exit pin to get out of it.

Application Settings and SD cards
Apps that are aware, can be run off the SD card now. Go to:
Settings… Applications… Manage Applications… Brilliant an app, step app to SD card or step app in trade to buzz.

Tethering with USB & WiFi
Using your buzz as a Connection to the Internet for your computer using a USB cable or a Wireless connection is called Tethering. Depending on the buzz and your network preparation, you’ll have different options. Go to
Settings… Wireless & networks… Top out Tethering

Cover Lock options
Lots of Cover Lock Choices now. Go to:
Settings… Location & Wellbeing… Set up Cover Lock, now you’ve got lots of options that can make it harder to get into your buzz.

Adobe Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm software allows your buzz to run Enthusiasm Enabled Websites, Games and Videos. It’s a huge deal for the mobile buzz world to be capable to use enthusiasm – Droid now can use it!

Enthusiasm can now go on your buzz… Depending on your develop, of course. At this time to get Enthusiasm on your buzz you have to go two logic updates. You have to upload the initially Froyo 2.2 update, at that time you have to allocate a second update to get on your buzz which allows your buzz to get equipped to receive Enthusiasm.

I expect that in the possibility, these two updates will be combined into one Android Logic Update. Here is the info panel for the second update which gets your Droid buzz equipped for installing Adobe Enthusiasm.

Some time ago you’ve allowed the second logic update, your “In this area Buzz” info will preview something like this.

Now you’re equipped to go to the Promote and download Adobe Enthusiasm the software… search for “Adobe Enthusiasm” or “Enthusiasm 10″.

Here’s a only one of its kind note… If you don’t see Adobe Enthusiasm in the Promote, at that time your Droid Buzz is not equipped to get enthusiasm yet – it should be soon.

Brilliant Enthusiasm, Top out it, and Bed in it.

Some time ago it’s installed, which seems to pocket a while, I suggest that you brilliant “Automatic Updating” to care for current with any updates for Adobe Enthusiasm.

With it is installed, you can verify that Enthusiasm is on your buzz at nominal amount two different ways:

Go to Settings
Top out Applications
Top out Manage Applications
And you should see Adobe Enthusiasm in the catalog of downloaded Apps.

Another way to verify that Enthusiasm is installed by the book on your buzz is to go to a website that wants to use enthusiasm like Hulu.com.

See this area up top? If you don’t have Enthusiasm installed, it’s not going to work right.

Wow, we have enclosed a lot!

For loads of of the items overviewed in this video, we have made small tip articles or full-blown tutorials on our website.

Since this video was projected as just an overview, there’s bound to be stuff I did not go over or go into enough detail for some of you… so, why don’t you add a note divulging all of us what it was that was added to your buzz that you like best or what would you like a extra in-depth tutorial on and to a fantastic degree pocket it starting there… Thankfulness for watching, delight in your Droid buzz!

For extra caring tips tricks and video tutorials on how to get the most out of your Droid buzz, stay our website at UseMyDroid.com or search online for “UseMyDroid”.

In this area the Instigator:
Get extra out of your Droid Buzz. Mind or read our video or text tutorials all in this area your Droid buzz.

UseMyDroid provides bracing, clean, simple to pause on, simple to learn tutorials to help you get the most starting your Droid Buzz. UseMyDroid.com

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